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Welcome to KLTV's Huddersfield Literature Festival 2024 webpage! We're thrilled to bring you the magic of this celebrated event, straight to your screen. Dive into the latest festival news and updates, explore our exclusive podcast series developed in collaboration HLF and local residents, and relive the best moments from past and present festivals through our curated video highlights. Whether you're joining the festivities in person or tuning in from afar, KLTV is your front-row seat to the literary celebration of the year!

Art and Culture in Huddersfield - HLF Podcasts

Video Highlights

Check out our latest coverage from the Huddersfield Literature Festival, including highlights from our 2023 coverage.

Be sure not to miss the official launch of this year’s festival on Wednesday the 17th of April at 5 pm, livestreamed right here on kirkleeslocaltv.com and YouTube!

Art and Culture in Huddersfield Episode 4 - Arabic Calligraphy with Nico Kulmann

Art and Culture in Huddersfield is a special series of six short podcasts, created by a cohort of young people, created in collaboration with Kirklees Local TV as part of ...Hudd Lit Fest 2024.

For episode 4, freelance photographer Nico Kulmann speaks to Arabic Calligraphy expert Razwan Ul-Haq

Arabic calligraphy is a beautiful and revered art form within Islamic culture. It emphasises the fluid transformation of Arabic letters into visually stunning compositions. Often used to depict verses from the Qur'an, Arabic calligraphy holds deep spiritual significance. However, its beauty also extends to secular art forms, making it a versatile and enduring artistic tradition.


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