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Our Vision:

The DEN is an online platform that aims through open discussion to educate, inform, and challenge local policies that negatively impact African, Asian descendants and the wider minority ethnic communities in Kirklees

We share with the voluntary, third, public and private sector a platform that collaborates and celebrates diversity and inclusion. We debate and explores how individuals’ organisations can make a difference within their local communities, authority, and businesses to collectively raise our aspirations and eradicate all forms of discrimination.

Guiding Principals of Membership:

  • All partners agree to one main focus: that of putting the needs, welfare and happiness of individuals from local communities is paramount.
  • All partners adopt the premise that by working together, demonstrating goodwill and sharing ideas, events and opportunities, we solve problems, support each other and our communities.
  • All partners recognise the need for sustainable provision and will try to ensure that access to opportunities is not removed after a set period of time
  • All partners understand the need for clarity and transparency. Honest and open lines of communication should exist to ensure a shared commitment to the success of the DEN and achieving better outcomes for all communities.

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