This course covers the fundamental principles of the current 2010 Equality Act and is aimed at those who have leadership, management or supervisory responsibilities within an organisation.

In a fun-packed, interactive and safe environment, this course will provide you with lots of challenges in equality, diversity and inclusion, as well as invaluable knowledge and understanding of equality terminology.  When does indirect discrimination become direct discrimination? What is associative discrimination, unconscious bias, third party harassment, perceptive discrimination, and how do these terms relate to your organisation? This practical interactive training goes way beyond legislation and policy in the workplace.

This course directly relates theory to practice and will empower you and others to positively deconstruct a range of real-life equality case studies from a wide range of diverse perspectives and help you to confidently make decisions about equality and diversity.  The course will provide invaluable knowledge and skills, and guarantees that you leave the course fully aware of current equality legislation.  Finally, the course will ensure that both you and your organisation have the tools and experience that guarantees compliance with current equality legislation.

The course will have a positive and profound impact on how you see, feel and embrace diversity, both personally and professionally.

Training Objectives for the day: –

  • To raise awareness of the nine protected characteristics within the 2010 Equality Act.
  • To have a thorough understanding of equality and diversity terminology within workplace policy and practices in the workplace.
  • Increase delegate’s confidence in identifying gaps surrounding equality practices in the workplace and decision making.
  • Build confidence to discuss openly, sensitively and take appropriate action around equality issues in the workplace.
  • Fully understand the current 2010 Equality Act legislation and what both you and your organisation’s responsibilities are.

To attend this exciting training day, exploring with others attitudes, behaviours and understanding about equality, diversity and inclusion in the workplace book now by contacting us on: –  Tel: 01484 512752 or Email: info@kirkleeslocaltv.com

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