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Meet the New CEO of Third Sector Leaders Kirklees - Michael Pitchford

Welcome to Public Eye where community meets politics. On this episode, we're joined by the new CEO of Third Sector Leaders Kirklees, Michael Pitchford.

Born in Southport and with family ...
roots in Liverpool, Michael moved to Huddersfield at a young age.

Early on, he became acutely aware of the disparities in wealth, race, and disability, significantly influenced by his remarkable mother, who was diagnosed with Multiple Sclerosis.

This personal experience fuelled his deep curiosity and passion for understanding and helping diverse communities.

Michael's career is a testament to his commitment to social justice and community work.

He has worked with the Irish Traveller community in West London, contributed to a vibrant community centre in Canning Town, East London, and collaborated with Iraqi and Iranian groups on critical issues such as violence against women.

His advisory role with the National Community Forum gave him insights into the realities of central government, and his work with survivors of institutional abuse in Ireland underscored the importance of accountability.

At the Joseph Rowntree Charitable Trust, Michael was inspired by the quiet and thoughtful radicalism of the Quakers.

He has also supported various groups across the UK, focusing on anti-racism efforts, including the Monitoring Group, and initiated a fund for social movements.

Michael joins us in the studio to share his wealth of experience and vision for the future of Kirklees.


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