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Welcome to Kirklees Climate Television (KCTV), your dedicated source for the latest environmental news and updates in Kirklees and beyond. We’re committed to bringing you in-depth coverage on the climate crisis, local sustainability initiatives, and the ways we can all work together to create a greener future.

KCTV is run in collaboration with the Kirklees Climate Commission. Click here to learn more about the commission.

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Welcome to Kirklees Climate Commission TV – KCTV Episode 1

Community Focus

Kirklees is buzzing with climate action! From grassroots projects to pioneering policies, there’s a movement growing. Kirklees Climate Television connects you with the people, organisations, and ideas shaping a greener future for our district. Stay informed, get inspired, and find out how you can be part of the change.

The Urgent Message

The climate crisis is here, and it’s impacting Kirklees. From extreme weather events to changes in our natural environment, the effects are being felt across our communities. Kirklees Climate Television is your frontline resource for understanding these challenges and exploring solutions for a more sustainable Kirklees.

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