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    The most extensive survey of Black British people has found just 1 in 10 Black Brits, or 12%, were ‘definitely proud’ to be British.

    The Black British Voices Research project (www.bbvp.org) – was a collaboration between the University of Cambridge, the Voice newspaper, and I-Cubed, who surveyed over 10,000 Black Brits across sixteen topics, including Britishness, Identity, and Racism.

    Less than half of the survey’s respondents (49%) were ‘definitely’ or ‘somewhat’ proud to be British, while over a third of young Black Brits (39%) did not regard Britain as their ‘permanent’ home.

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    In 2019, we discussed a topic very similar to the questions raised by the Black British Voices Project.

    ‘Is Britain Living in a Post-Racial Society?’

    Watch the video here

    Given the findings from the recent report, we wanted to ask the question again, only this time, we wanted to ask you, the African Descendants Forum, what your thoughts and feelings are on the subject.

    So what do you think? Is Britain a ‘post-racial’ society? Let us know your thoughts.

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