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  1. Julie Walton

    My son is in year 1 and receives free school meals (as all children in year 1 do I believe) does that mean he is eligible for this? If so how do I register?

    1. Asia Parveen

      Yes I agree summer activities

    2. KLTV

      Hi Julie,

      At the bottom of the article, there are a couple of links to find out more about the schemes. They should provide you with details on how to register. I would also highly recommend emailing them directly at hello@kidzcentral.co.uk.


  2. Kaye Mcdougall

    It said to register and get messages x where’s the register bit to fill x

    1. KLTV

      Hi Kaye,

      If you follow the links at the bottom of the article they should provide you with more details on how to register. You can also email them directly at hello@kidzcentral.co.uk.

      I hope this helps, we’re not affiliated with the programme in any way, simply reporting on the news of its availability.

  3. Phillip Blackwell

    Please register for the programme at http://www.schoolsout.app for any information please email HAF@Kirklees.gov.uk


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