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Are you interested in doing business with Africa & the Caribbean? Interested in buying, selling or even looking at investment opportunities?

Would you like to join our ADF International Network?

Business is an essential strand of our ADF online digital platform. We are building our local and international networks to support companies to do business with Africa & the Caribbean.

Trade links between the UK and the Caribbean & Africa are centuries old. While relationships have changed over the years, the same mutual interests and opportunities for bilateral trade are as vital today as they have always been.

Using our expertise and market networks, ADF International has put together a range of practical support to help you develop new markets.

  • Each month, we will feature an African or Caribbean market on our digital platform, highlighting opportunities in those markets
  • Every quarter, we will hold an international networking event where you can learn more about opportunities and from other businesses already traded there.
  • Individual business support will help you to ascertain whether there is a market for your products/services
  • Once you have established a market, we will help you find business partners in those markets to help you sell your products/services.
  • Once we have identified potential business partners, we will arrange meetings for you virtually or in the market.  And will make sure that we carry out due diligence to ensure that you have a genuine partner
  • If you visit the country, we will provide visa support (if required), make sure that you are fully briefed on doing business in that market with practical information to make sure that the visit runs smoothly and plan
  • And if you have any issues with business communication, we can help to support you with this through our in-market networks

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What We Offer

ADF Cultural Inclusion Training and Development Programmes

The African Descendants Forum offers a wide range of services from video production, bespoke specialist professional training and development, and education packages for all key stages, colleges, universities and adult learning.

Our professionally qualified consultants and associates bring over fifty years of combined experience working with individuals and groups from the private, public and voluntary sectors locally, nationally and internationally.

Institute of Leadership and Management (ILM) Accredited Training

Powerful Dynamic Coaching levels 3- 5

Leadership and development: Cracking the corporate code

A wide range of bespoke accredited online training and development Programmes

Video Productions

Studio Video Services including green screen production

Documentary Films e.g. Carnivals

Conferences and Events, including Weddings, Christenings and Funerals

Streaming Live Events

Promotional Marketing Videos

Video Case Studies

Business Videos

Celebrating Local Community Activists and Entrepreneurs with Ashbrow Garage: Johnny Flowers

Celebrating Local Community Activists and Entrepreneurs with Ashbrow Garage: Robert Flowers

Conscious Youth CIC: an Award-Winning Grassroots Community Organisation Led by & for Young People

Mackinley’s – Good Food From the Caribbean to Britain

See our full range of ADF video productions on our gallery page

Public, Private, and Voluntary Sector Training

Navigating Diversity Inclusion and Differences in the Workplace

Leading an Effective and Multicultural Workforce

Empowering, Strengthening and Sustaining Minority Ethnic Organisations for the 21st Century

Entrepreneurship for beginners

Standing on the Top: Powerful Psycho-Dynamic 1-1 professional skill coaching

Bespoke organisational equality audits which ensure your organisation meets the current equality legislation

Classification and definition of equality terms, references and meaning

21st Century leadership: Finding your Leadership styles, skills, personal and professional authority

Introduction to Multi-Media

African Studies - The Foundation of Black History

Black History For Key Stage 1, 2, 3 & 4

Black History CPD For Teachers and Practitioners

P.E.A.C.E. - Positive Education Always Corrects Errors

Support for Key Stage 1, 2, 3 & 4

Citizenship Engagement Programmes



Inclusion & Sports Programmes

Melanin Trail

Understanding Your Rights & Civic Responsibilities

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