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The Art DEN Episode 8: Tile Art and Community Commissions with Tracey Hawley

Welcome to Art DEN, where we meet artists who live in Kirklees and the surrounding area, to hear about their work, their influences, and their sources of inspiration.

The artists tell ...
us what they most enjoy about creating art; give us an insight into their passion; and share some of their stories.

On this episode, Presenter Judy Hinchliffe is joined by Huddersfield tile artist Tracey Hawley.

Tracey has her works in multiple local shops (and one in the Caribbean!) and has completed over 100 commissions.

Tracey also paints on stones, tables, and canvas - painting all manner of subjects, from landscapes to pet portraits.

Join us as we delve into Tracey's experiences as an artist and discover the stories behind her artistic journey.


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