Don’t just take our word for it! Hear from and read about people and groups across Kirklees and the wider area, on what they have to say about their experience as part of the Digital Equality Network.

I wholeheartedly support the values and principles of The Digital Equality Network (DEN) and congratulate them in launching a platform which will support individuals and organisations who are trying to ensure that their policies and practices disrupt racism and all other forms of discrimination. All education should be inclusive and not reinforce historical oppressive ideologies, the call to stop pathologising and racialising Black people and all people of colour has been raised many times this century. Support and encouragement to implement antiracist practices and inter-sectionalities has been around for over 70 years in the UK. It is critical in demonstrating that we value everyone as human. I wish the DEN every success with its range of support and consultancy to individuals and organisations

Heather Paul

Carnegie School of Education at Leeds Beckett University

The DEN platform is a brilliant concept and resource. It is essential the minority communities have a voice and somewhere to go to learn about their rights. What is just great about the DEN is the non-minority communities can learn so much more about the history of ethnic minorities here in Kirklees and across the region. The DEN is an essential resource for educational institutions, public services and local business. The Yorkshire Asian Business Association (YABA) are proud to support the DEN initiative.

Amarjit Singh

Yorkshire Asian Business Association (YABA)

The DEN is a hub of information that can be tailored for individual and organisational needs without unconscious bias being present to hinder progress or opportunities

Kirsty Watson

Aquila Academy

What an amazing platform, the amount of information in one place with out having to use google or Siri is fantastic. I looked through every video, every interview and found out so much, the amount of knowledge, insight and experience that can be gained from the Den is phenomenal. I am looking forward to seeing more from this in the future

Camilla Boussaada

Cultural Ambassador
The William Henry Smith School

Below is a selection of feedback from attendees of a DEN Learning & Development Seminar hosted by Milton Brown, CEO & Director of Kirklees Local TV.

I learnt more about The Equality Act and the importance of asking questions and doing my own research if there is something which I am unsure about.
Very good information and additional knowledge of awareness when managing and dealing with cultural awareness.
Thoroughly enjoyed the session. Found it very interesting and thought provoking in a number of areas. Much more aware of the Equality Act.
Excellent session and looked at ways of addressing those awkward questions around race.
This was a very interesting session and I feel like I learnt a lot in regards to equality and diversity. I also think that this may be something that may benefit some boys within our school that at present are using racial language quite often.
Very insightful. Having the Equality Act explained was very useful and gave parity to racism and inequality as well as discrimination.

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