This course explores how excellent customer care is achieved and how it makes us feel when we receive this service. When you have a positive experience of customer care you remember it, you tell your friends and family and are more inclined to use that service again. Excellent customer care is essential for any business as it helps establish a client base and can increase sales.

Learning Objectives – Through the delivery of this workshop, we are enabling participants to:

  • Be able to define what good customer care is and how you can practically use it back in the workplace
  • Be able to demonstrate how to handle difficult customers and whenever possible turn a negative into a positive
  • Be able to practice various effective communication techniques for use with both ‘face to face’ and telephone interactions with customers
  • Be able to describe what their personal communication style is and how best to use and adapt this when dealing with customers.
  • Begin to develop an action plan to use the techniques learnt back in the workplace

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