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Step into the heart of Ashbrow as we share the captivating narratives that define our community. The Voices of Ashbrow’s Community Stories section is a tapestry of experiences, triumphs, and connections that showcase the unique spirit of our neighbourhood. Join us on a journey through the voices, dreams, and inspirations of our residents, where every story adds a new layer to the vibrant narrative of Ashbrow.

Celebrating Local Community Activists and Entrepreneurs

The Ashbrow Garage, located on the corner of Ashbrow Road just off the A641 Bradford Road, has been a mainstay of the local community for over 45 years. Established in 1976, the garage is a family-owned, family-operated business serving the needs and wants of the local area. Their reputation has been built upon years of excellent service alongside high quality, value for money, and most importantly, integrity.

Though the garage is now recognised locally, regionally, and nationally. The origins of the garage come from the humblest of beginnings, with the tale of a man named Johnny Flowers.

Johnny’s company was initially formed over 45 years ago after he was bypassed for a promotion because he did not have a certificate of qualification. He spent a lot of time doing work on cars for the local immigrant community out of a friend’s lock-up, and through building up connections and word of mouth he bought premises on Ashbrow Road and formed the business.

Over the years the site expanded and Johnny’s business grew. There were hardships at times – In one instance Johnny had to fight for 10 years to secure a piece of vacant land – but progress continued, and today the garage is nationally recognised.

Johnny Flowers has been an institution for the African Descent Community in Kirklees. A leader, activist, and entrepreneur, Johnny is a role model who is actively involved with his community. Among his many activities, he has been a school governor for the past 35 years, an executive on the Jamaica National Council in Huddersfield, and he is a member of the Black History Association. Johnny and the entire Flowers family have been a beacon of prosperity, leadership, and goodwill. His wife, Alda Flowers, was an NHS nurse for over 30 years, and his son, Robert Flowers, is the current owner and company director of the Garage.

Learn more about Johnny and the Ashbrow Garage by watching the video below!

The Successes of The Ashbrow Ward

The Ashbrow Community Awards are an annual celebration of all the wonderful work that goes on in the local community.

From local activism to community support groups, the evening aims to celebrate those groups and individuals who dedicate themselves to supporting and improving the lives of those around them.

Check out the highlights and hear from some of the award winners and organisers.

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