The Strengthening Families, Strengthening Communities parent programme uniquely and creatively empowers parents. It provides techniques and strategies to achieve the following objectives:
  • Provide parents with information that will empower them with the courage and commitment needed to change any destructive parenting of their childhood, along with specific alternatives to the use of physical punishment as a primary teaching tool.
  • Assist parents in understanding, reviewing and utilising a “Process of Discipline” to create guidelines for modelling and teaching respectful behaviour. To enhance parent ability to “respond” as opposed to “react” to disrespectful behaviour.
  • Connect parents to the healthy aspects of their childhood, while also providing parents with strategies, skills, techniques and information needed to break the cycle of violence to self and others.
  • Present information within a “cultural framework” that validates and takes into consideration different cultural learning styles, different ethnic/cultural/spiritual values, and different family and historical experiences.
  • Provide parents with specific information and activities to assist them in teaching both younger and older children to understand and appreciate family/cultural values as they relate to the development of social skills needed to function successfully as an adult in this society.
  • Assist parents in building special relationships with their children that provide support and guidance. This is achieved by encouraging parents to clarify their own emotions and in so doing, encourage their children to express feelings in a respectful manner.
  • Decrease the sense of isolation by supporting parents in a parent programme, and provide parents with a mechanism for connecting to informal and formal community resources that are needed in order for meaningful and lasting changes to occur.

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